Wednesday, August 7, 2013

To Change Perceptions Farmers Need To Connect

It's a perception Issue

I often hear people in the agricultural sector say things like "We need to remove the emotion from the issue" or "It's a perception problem".

We will never remove emotion from decisions, because everybody forms judgments based on their emotions, past experience and prejudices.

People make snap judgements

Malcolm Gladwell wrote a book called "Blink". In his book he outlines research that shows people make judgements on a person, product, brand based on very small amounts of information.

He says that once a judgement has been made, a person is unlikely to change their mind.

The only way to change a persons opinion is to connect with them

In the video below I discuss 2 examples. One is of Village Milk and the other is Fonterra & their new light proof milk bottle.

Farmers need to put themselves out there, people what to know about farmers and their businesses. 

So, I'm encouraging farmers to start blogging, make videos or sign up to some form of social media.

Get your stories out there, show people what you do.

Because the perception of farmers or farming is not going to change unless farmers connect with the public.