Wednesday, February 25, 2015

We're In Business! Mobile Milking Approved & The Milk Is Flowing

Two weeks ago The Ministry For Primary Industries approved my Risk Management Programme!

It's a huge achievement & it means that mobile milking & more specifically mobile milk processing is possible in New Zealand.

This now opens up a huge range of possibilities for us to develop some pretty radical and truly sustainable dairy farming systems.

I made my first delivery on the 10th February to our first and only customer C1 Espresso in Christchurch.

I first approached C1 over a year ago & told them that I was setting up a sustainable milk company that supplies real milk which has not being homogenised or standardised. 

Sam, the owner said to me that they have their own coffee plantation in Samoa & they grow the fruit for their juices on the plantation as well. But he was not able to find a suitable whole milk supplier.

I think we've solved that issue.

The plan now is to iron out any issues and slowly increase our supply.

My first 7 cows will be drying off shortly and we'll give them a 3 month break over the winter. Assuming the bull has done his job, these cows will calve again in August.

I'm about to buy 7-10 autumn calving cows. These cows will calve in April & May and will provide the milk through the winter and the spring period.

Sunday, February 22, 2015

My Interview on Radio New Zealands Country Life Programme

mobile milking system

I featured on Radio New Zealand Nationals Country Life programme on the weekend. You can hear it here if you have 20 minutes spare.

I spoke about sustainable dairy, the mobile milking system, dryland dairy farming & why I think our dairy industry needs to move away from commodities and into branded product.