Wednesday, February 25, 2015

We're In Business! Mobile Milking Approved & The Milk Is Flowing

Two weeks ago The Ministry For Primary Industries approved my Risk Management Programme!

It's a huge achievement & it means that mobile milking & more specifically mobile milk processing is possible in New Zealand.

This now opens up a huge range of possibilities for us to develop some pretty radical and truly sustainable dairy farming systems.

I made my first delivery on the 10th February to our first and only customer C1 Espresso in Christchurch.

I first approached C1 over a year ago & told them that I was setting up a sustainable milk company that supplies real milk which has not being homogenised or standardised. 

Sam, the owner said to me that they have their own coffee plantation in Samoa & they grow the fruit for their juices on the plantation as well. But he was not able to find a suitable whole milk supplier.

I think we've solved that issue.

The plan now is to iron out any issues and slowly increase our supply.

My first 7 cows will be drying off shortly and we'll give them a 3 month break over the winter. Assuming the bull has done his job, these cows will calve again in August.

I'm about to buy 7-10 autumn calving cows. These cows will calve in April & May and will provide the milk through the winter and the spring period.


  1. Does the cafe have any hurdles to jump to use the milk? Or can they just put raw milk into the coffee because it's heated?

    1. Hi Sven
      My milk is pasteurised, therefore it complies with all the NZ regulations.

  2. Glen, this is fantastic news. I see an organic dairy farmer has decided to improvise
    Keep us updated please and I'll be sure to get in contact once I decide the financial viability of setting up the same in the Manawatu.


  3. Commercial dairy farming will be much easier if it's become possible to use mobile milk processing everywhere. Very well dome Glen!

  4. Hi Glen. Can you contact me please about milk supply for our chch business. or 03 3774970. Thanks Richard

  5. This is great news. May this idea spread throughout NZ.

  6. Hi Glen , I am going to try doing this myself in the North Island , glad to see your success
    where did you get your pasteurization plant ?

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  9. looks like mr.glenn is going by the books here.... often dairy farming industries (big ones) Dont tend to care for their cows... they use them like a ATM... sucking their milk always and thats all they care about... average lifespan of a cow is 20 years, the cows in big diary factories die like when they are 4 or 5 years old due to the constant milking by the machines and foot rot..... its good to know small community farmers like you going by the book.... please do keep it up, and keep posting, all the best brother