Friday, August 24, 2012

Facebook, Groupon. I'll invest in Agriculture Thanks

I have just read this article. I'm no investment guru, but why was I not surprised at the fall in share price of Facebook. Groupons share price is doing the same. I was shocked that Facebook purchased Instagram for 1 billion dollars!
It all comes down to the view that attention or eye balls on your site or app is worth $. Twitter is the latest company trying to figure out how to turn the eye balls into some sort of revenue.
At the end of the day, people can have their GPS enabled socially connected apps, they can be facebooking and Tweeting each other while playing Angry Birds. But it all becomes pretty insignificant when you haven't eaten for 2 days.
That's why agriculture will always be a great investment. We live in a time where most of us have too much food. But the future looks good for agriculture as food demand increases globally.
The problem is the great returns that can be made in farming are deminished by the interest bill required to own land. Land is seen as safe and a "blue chip" place to park money.
My feeling is to make money in agriculture, its best not to own land. The money is in the processing and marketing.
Ill be spending the rest of the day planning how I can be like Sam Morgan and launch a tech startup, which I can then sell for hundreds of millions of dollars. Then I can afford to be a hill country sheep farmer.

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